Participating in Washington D.C.’s vibrant intellectual, political, international and cultural life enhances the WUSTL student experience.

By studying and interning in the U.S. capital, which is home to 174 embassies, headquarters of many important policy-making bodies and the seat of the U.S. Federal Government, WUSTL students have a unique opportunity to apply their research, analysis and writing skills in a professional workplace setting.

WUSTL’s Washington D.C. Semester and Summer Programs are open to undergraduates from all majors, as well as graduate and professional students. 

While studying in Washington, D.C., students combine rigorous coursework with internships in a wide variety of areas such as government agencies, public service organizations, non-governmental organizations, communications and news organizations, and cultural institutions. Graduate and professional students can take advantage of opportunities for coursework, internships and practicums, as well as undertake research for masters or doctoral studies.

Schedules are demanding, but students also find time to visit national monuments, historic sites and explore the dynamic cultural scene in the U.S. capital. Students at the WUSTL D.C. Center have access to unique curricular and extracurricular events throughout the semester or summer, including a dynamic speaker series and opportunities to network with WUSTL alumni in the area.

Washington University in St. Louis’ D.C. Center

WUSTL’s D.C. Center, which is located in the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace building off Dupont Circle, serves as a home base for WUSTL faculty and researchers traveling to Washington, D.C. and as a gathering space for our many alumni in the D.C. area. Faculty and staff traveling through the Washington, D.C. area are encouraged to stop in for a visit.

The D.C. Center is proud to host a variety of Alumni & Development programs and events. Please visit the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Alumni & Development website for news and event schedules or to get involved in alumni programming in the area.